About us

The Bulgarian phrase “advokata mi” translates literally to the English “my lawyer” and thus our brand Advokatami.bg refers directly to the services we provide in Bulgaria. We aim to shorten the distance between clients and lawyers without the traditionally high costs involved for hiring inhouse lawyers and engaging legal services in Bulgaria.

Our services

Having started our online operations in the beginning of 2015, we are now one of the most recognizable companies for online legal services and market leaders in company registration and corporate matters.

We focus on corporate law and consider ourselves experts in the following areas:

  1. Company incorporation;
  2. Tax advice and optimization;
  3. Intellectual property protection;
  4. GDPR;
  5. Business statutory compliance

We have also established partnerships with some of the most prominent accounting companies in Bulgaria in order to offer a full corporate service for our clients.

Contact us

We offer services in English. Contact us on +35924930007 every working day between 6:00 AM and 2:00 PM GMT or share your inquiry with us below (we will reply in one business day).

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